Our Vision

Through our work, we envision a more vast, interconnected and collaborative ecosystem of Black curators. BCC aims to support the development of grassroots collective organising which prioritises the needs of Black creatives and communities. We want to radically imagine—through practice—nurturing, sustainable structures, models and spaces which don’t mimic institutional frameworks of hierarchy, privilege, and power.

Black Curators Collective (BCC) – founded in June 2020 – is a collective of Black women and non-binary curators in the UK. The collective and forum allow for Black curators to come together to support one another; and champion Black excellence. As a collective, we also combine efforts; and develop strategies for systemic change within the creative industries. BCC is, therefore, an active space of rest, reinforcement, of resistance.


BCC is nomadic and isn’t restricted by regional borders. The collective acts as a network that instigates cross-regional support, dialogue and collaborative projects for curators based across the UK, including Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We dedicate ourselves to decentralising and redistributing discussions, research and resources from centralised locations; to increase awareness and activity in other regions across the UK.

We are part of the Visual Arts Alliance, a national alliance of sector representative organisations led by Contemporary Visual Art Network and a-n The Artists Information Company. 

Black Curators Collective CIC

BCC is a CIC registered in England and Wales. We are an agency and a social enterprise. We represent some of the best curatorial talents in the UK visual arts sector, who are Black African and Caribbean, and it's Disapora.


Jade Foster is the current company Director. Since 2021, our programmes are supported by donations and Art Fund.


Black Curators Collective CIC offers bespoke strategy and inclusivity consultation, advisory, and curatorial services. If you would like to enquire about the services we offer or particular collective members work with BCC, please email info@blackcuratorscollective.org