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Yewande YoYo Odunubi: Pace & Flow

BCC alum Yewande YoYo Odunubi was part of the collective for four years. Yewande was instrumental in the development and instituting of a slow organisational practice. Here, she reflects on her research as part of BCC's Pace & Flow programme.

Black Quantum Futurism: Time Zone Protocols. Back Quantum Futurism. Documenta 2022. Photo: Yewande YoYo Odunubi

Research Proposal

‘We are not striving for 'newness' but to shift attention and form connections between what already exists/is emerging.’ – Black Curators Collective (BCC), 'Meandering Networks, Mapping Nations.

Working between her artistic point of enquiry, “what does the body need to dream?” and propositions raised through Black Curators Collectives’ (BCC) 'Meandering Networks, Mapping Nations' programme, Yewande is interested in exploring what conditions, pedagogies and tools can help facilitate the possibility of dreaming particularly for herself as a b/Black artist and cultural practitioner. 

Yewande will use this time to shift attention to rest, tending to self, play and thinking with and through works, musings and other offerings from creative practitioners such as Kevin Quashie, Lola Olufemi, Sonya Lindfors and Maryan Abdulkarim and Hannah Catherine Jones, Tricia Hersey and Sylvia Wynter. 

Research Response

Time taken – a mediation draft 

I count




shoulders down relaxed

chest      out

chin up,

head back

mouth slowly parts agape



breathe in inhale

breathe out exhale.

Feel your chest rise    lift.

I wonder about the vastness of my belly. It’s not simply a container that holds but a site that gives play to frictions, connections, knowledges, overlaps, memories, translations, and mutations. Worlds are built at the ripple of my naval. Internal waves signal my intuition—gut melodies. Today, I asked what I needed of myself to be present with the day. I told myself to rest. This is an attempt at listening.

Bodies loose

limbs connecting to memory

memory to heart

not matter, but spirit

guiding the subtle shapes 

of movement   

of memory.

Your fingers, now heavy 

make phantom performance

of the unseen 

against the gentle, still air.

Are you still listening?

I never left, but

I felt my whole being 

take flight

away from these 

papered walls, transported to

black space 

speckled with stars

galaxies afar, never in direct reach 

to be understood, but yet 

I’m content with floating,

echoing in this vast chasm 

I know as my own.

Yesterday, I wondered what it means to give yourself time, space, and opportunity to sit with murmurs that often flash past without a second to pause. How much time I didn’t afford myself, yet afforded others—other things in place of [insert anything applicable]. I didn’t know how to have lighter steps. “Reclaiming my time”—beyond the virality and memes, I’m thinking about unlearning time as we commonly practise it. I will practise being out of time, syncopating, and attuning to a pace that understands my body's cycles, where I flow, and where I listen.

As I sit here 

travelling beyond 

this room in Glasgow

multiple planets gesture my arrival through 

the flutter of my eyes. New realities 

built through song(s)

melodies in and out of time

as my body breathes


The only thing required of me 

is to listen. Maintain a soft belly. 

I pull, contract, fill, listen. Then open, loosen, stretch, empty. 

A simple yet deliberate set of steps.

I am brought in

gut into belly

a feeling of warmth.

Pace & Flow is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Art Fund.

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